Performance drop after unplugged from A.C adapter.

Nov 19, 2013
As mentioned in the title, i knew that performance drop is quite normal for laptops while on battery(Correct me if i'm wrong, this is my very first owned notebook). But, i travel a lot, on plane, train, whatever. So, i would like to catch up some gaming session while i'm on the journey, even it's just an hour or so. So i'm here to ask, is there any way that i could let the laptop perform the same way it do on the AC adapter, while it is on the battery? i've took a look at the power options, and set it to the high performance setting, but apparently, it didn't works. I have also change the power management setting in the nvidia control panel into prefer maximum performance , but it fails me again.

Laptop mentioned in the above article : MSI GE70-2PE Apache Pro (bought it 3 days ago)
Any guidance and suggestion would be much appreciated, sorry for the bad english because english isn't my primary language.


Jun 10, 2013
Unfortunately gaming laptops consume a lot of energy and gaming experience is doomed to be inferior while on battery. i doubt that it could last even an hour, if it would run at its peak performance.also some large laptops to minimize cost have AC adapters not capable to run the hardware at full capability.


Sep 17, 2012
Today laptops are designed in such a way that incase you have nvidia or amd graphics they will work on if the adapter is connected if you disconnect the charger the system works on intel graphics, In nvidia it is automatically done but in AMD you need to manually assign games. It saves the battery life so it is recommended to play games when charger is connected.


Jan 25, 2011
You should be able to go into your power options in the control panel and create a custom plan for gaming. By default the power settings will automatically go into energy saving mode when on battery power, but you can change that by adjusting the settings in the Power Options manager. Of course your battery may not last but 30 minutes like this.
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