Question Phantom power not working with new C01 / UMC22

Mar 24, 2020
Hi from Northern Italy,

I'm preparing podcasts and videos for my students during the Corona virus shutdown. Not pleased with results using internal built in mic and camera, I've upgraded but things are still not working. I hope someone can help, as I can't just go hang out with musician friends to try different audio interfaces, cables and mic 😢 Here's ny setup:

  • MacBook Pro 2010 but upgraded with SSD, 8 GB RAM, running OS Sierra 10.12.6
  • Audio interface Behringer U-Phoria UMC22 (XLR input, provides 48V phantom power, has phantom power on/off switch, connects directly to Mac with USB)
  • Samson C01 electric condenser mic (just arrived today! has phantom indicator LCD but no on/of switch)
  • XLR 3 pin: XLR f connected to mic to XLRm plugged into the audio interface
All plugged in, Audio interface powered up, phantom power switched on. Mac recognises the audio interface. Mic phantom indicator does NOT light up, mic does not work.

Am I missing something? Do I need some special kind of XLR cable? This one wasn't the most expensive but neither was it cheap. Chinese, the brand seems to be ANNNWZZD (would have ordered a Proel cable but delivery time was unreal)

I hope someone can help. It's always sad to get new toys that you can't use straight away or have to return, and it's especially frustrating during this Corona virus shut down.

Cheers - Emily
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