Question Phone to Active speaker audio sounds very strange

Jun 5, 2020
This is a very annoying problem I've been having for years, I typically do audio engineering with at least a board and mics and more equipment, but when I just have my powered speaker, my phone, and an aux cable, why is it when I plug my phone in, the audio comes out as if I'm only getting the backing track, and the vocals sound like they have a ton of echo on them. It's like theres some kind of mixup with the balanced audio and it's only getting the inverse of both left and right channels, but I have no clue, this issue has annoyed me for years and I have never found another person online who has had this problem. I've been working with audio for 7 years now, I'm all self taught but this is still embarrassing for me to ask.
Just to clarify, this is not an audio QUALITY problem, more of a signal flow problem, it sounds more strange with songs that have more sounds that are panned one way or another, but songs that are almost completely mono sounds like they aren't playing much at all.
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