Photo albums won't transfer to sd card S7


Jan 5, 2018
I loaded a micro SD card into my phone last night. My phone immediately recognized it and prompted me to move files. I moved my photos but later realized they were completely jumbled. I spent today creating albums and moving the pics accordingly within the gallery on my S7. I cannot, however, now determine how to move those albums over to the SD card with the photos already sorted within. Please help.
Sadly albums created for the photos are created by the app, so most times they won't move to the SD card.

You can try getting a different app that may allow for this, but from what I have run into, in most cases, if you sort them on the device, they don't stay sorted after moved to the card.

You you could try the following, which is how I worked around it for my phone. I moved all the files over to an empty folder on the computer (move not copy as you don't want to leave copies on the phone to confuse things). Then I organized them into folders I wanted them in. Folders rather than albums.

Be sure you rename any files to keep the order you want them in (as well as how you name the folders). This seems to be the only way to get the files to stay in the order once moved.

Once you have them all sorted, copy (yes this time you will copy not move) all the files and folders over to the SD card (which should be in the phone when you do this) just connect the phone to the computer via USB cord.

Once moved, make sure your photo viewing app is set to check the card for images and that it is set to view them in alphabetical order. Then you should be good.

Finally you can either delete the files off the computer, or (which I would suggest) leave a copy of them all on there as a back up.
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