Pink hue/tint - LCD screen or cable faulty?


Aug 9, 2017
My laptop recently started displaying a pink hue throughout the screen. If connected to an external monitor through the VGA port, it display output shows fine.

Initially if I left the laptop one for a while, after about 15-25 minutes the screen would automatically loose the tint/hue and display normally. However, if the display were to go off or if I were to close the laptop, on coming on again it would once again be tinted pink for a while.

More recently though, it no longer looses the tint/hue even if left on for hours together without the display going off. In fact, besides the tint, the entire screen starts with a lighter display which then gets to normal after a few minutes.

I know the problem is not with the graphics card or motherboard as it displays fine on external monitors. I was wondering if the weird performance by it is any indicator as to whether the problem lies with the cable or screen itself. I'd have loved to simply replace one of them to test if it's the problem but I don't have a spare cable nor screen lying around.

Lenovo G50-80
2 years old (out of warranty)
only way to find out is getting the flex cable.most of the time its the flex cable.try opening the laptop apart and reseat the cable on the motherboard.