pioneer pd-z970m multi disc player


Sep 10, 2016
This unit no longer plays discs, it flips through all the discs in cartridge as if the cartridge is empty, I have been told that the laser is kaput, can anyone advise please.
When the laser dies the player can't tell if there is a disc. If you can find a replacement laser it's not a diy repair. There are still a couple of carousel CD changers put there if you need a replacement. It may be time to visit the 21st century.
You can rip your entire CD collection as lossless files (no sacrifice of sound) and have the convenience of you entire collection controlled by a phone or tablet. Sonos would let you access your music in any room along with internet radio and streaming services.
A old computer could be used as a music server for your main system. Lots of ways to do it.
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