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Pioneer receiver VSX-921 help

Mar 6, 2018
I have a Pioneer VSX-921 and i just brought a Yamaha subwoofer NSSW200 and it came with a system cable. Which to my understanding helps turning on and off and sync up the subwoofer when there is a signal from the receiver?

Can someone tell me if it will work with the VSX-921? and if so where do i plug it in ? I have a Control input and out. I Don't know if they are related at all?

Of not what are the Control input and output used for ?

Newbie needs some help :)


Audio equipment has the standard of being able to remotely turn-on/turn-off other equipment by using DC voltage applied to the control port. You would plug the control out on your Pioneer to the control port on your sub. Most subs will go into standby mode when there is no audio signal anyway. This would just completely power off the sub rather than have it go to standby. I use a control cable to power on/off my discrete amp from my preamp. I just let the sub go to standby.
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