Question Pioneer SC-57 + LG UN9070 ARC issues

Jul 26, 2021
I just recently bought a LG TV model UN9070 and I’ve got it hooked up with my pre-existing Pioneer SC-57 via HDMI ARC. I’ve got an Apple TV hooked up to the receiver and the audio/video comes through to my 7.1 speaker/sub setup no problem. The problem arises when I try to stream Netflix or any other app directly off the LG smart TV. I don’t get any audio out of my speakers that way. I’ve tried multiple different HDMI cables with no luck. I even tried to use an optical audio cable from the LG to the Pioneer and still no luck. I’ve messed with all the ARC settings on the LG TV so I’m thinking the problem is coming from my Pioneer receiver. Wondering if anyone had any suggestions on a fix. Thanks for your time.
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