pioneer vsx-322 default input


Feb 27, 2014
how do i change the default input.. every time i turn it on it always start in the tv input. shouldent
it go for the one with signal.. if i got my ps4 on in BD it still dosent auto select that input, but just goes to tv input aldo i dont have anything in it


According to the manual -

To reset the main unit -

Switch the receiver into STANDBY
While holding down BAND, press and hold STANDBY/ON for about 2 seconds
When you see the RESET? appear in the display press AUTO SURROUND/STREAM DIRECT
OK? shows in the display
Press ALC/STANDARD SURR to confirm
OK appears in the display to indicate that the receiver has been reset to the factory default settings

If the ARC function is on you may not be able to initialize the unit. If this happens turn OFF the ARC function or turn OFF all the connected devices before turning OFF (STANDBY) the power for the unit and initialize after the HDMI indicator has gone out.