Question Pioneer VSX-60 remote no longer connects with receiver

Dec 29, 2020

I have the dreaded UE22 code on my VSX-60. August 2012 production.

In order to go through troubleshooting, I need to be able to access the receiver's menu with the remote. I can pair the remote to my TV and other devices but not the receiver that it came with. To make sure the remote is working I am able to control the TV with the remote for the Pioneer.

Since I have paired the remote with my TV I know how to set it up. I have tried the RCU button with the #4 option to select different receivers 1-4. I have tried to manually input the codes for the receivers using the RCU with the #1 option with the codes 5096, 5097, 5098, 5099. None seem to work.

I have looked for help but the only help I can find is pairing remotes to other devices or it's a newer model and the buttons don't match up. I have even factory reset the receiver and still no connection between remote and receiver.
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