Question Pioneer VSX-LX303 Dropping video

Oct 15, 2021
I own a Pioneer VSX-LX303 that I've been using for a couple years very successfully. Within the past week, it started glitching on the video out to my tv... specifically if I changed the volume of the receiver ( either by remote or on by front knob on the reciever). It'll flash out for a few seconds (black screen/no signal)... sometimes coming back on on its own, sometimes not (at which point if I change sources back and forth a couple times it usually restores, other wise I power cycle).

It happens with at least a couple different sources (my Xbox One and Apple TV). Nothing has changed with the output (same tv, same hdmi cable). I tried swapping the tv cable to the other output of the receiver - same thing. I also tried bringing in a totally different monitor and cable... same thing. In fact, if I enabled both outs at the same time, I see the glitch happen simultaneously on both monitors.

I can't think of anything else to try - given the different inputs and outputs that this happens with, it really seems like it's an internal problem. Is my receiver dying or can anyone suggest anything else to try?

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