News Pixel 5 XL leak reveals Google's massive and confusing redesign

Jul 9, 2020
A plastic housing is IMO way better than glass. The screen is the most delicate piece of a smartphone because here glass is a necessary evil - and we have to add protectors and cases with raised edges to protect it - now you want to add a glass back...!!!? Here I can see once again opinion being driven by fashion rather than utility. Glass is only "better" than plastic where it makes sense to use it. If my phone was a sculpture I'd say yes to glass. Otherwise keep it far from me!

This attitude (fashion over utility) shot down the Pixel 4 (for me and pretty much EVERY online review): it was given a tiny battery apparently to make it look svelte and feel slim in the hand...! As as result I've been holding out for the 5 and am quite relieved to hear about the plastic casing - though the small battery life rumor is disappointing. Pixel engineers, how about this for an idea: make your battery at least the same size as the competition and then use the power saving features you tout to make it last even longer than the competition! Mind blown! :)
Jul 10, 2020
It's going to be 6.4 inches. You measured the entire phone, not the screen so you are not taking the bezels into account.

Pixel 4 XL width 75.1 mm SCREEN width 68.5 mm. So bezels are 6.6 mm( 3.3 mm each side )
Pixel 5 XL width 74 mm SCREEN width 67.4 mm( assuming same 6.6 mm bezel )

Editing the pic to just the screen shows 19.7:9 ratio which means the SCREEN diagonal is about 2.41 X the width. Since the width is 67.4 mm 2.41 X 67.4=162.4 mm or 6.39 inches

And even using the size of the entire phone you'd get 6.7 inches. Length squared plus width squared = diagonal squared

6.05 X 6.05=36.6
2.91 X 2.91=8.48
Square root of 45.08= 6.7 inches
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