Question Plain bad luck or?

May 8, 2019
Hello there people, so this happened in the span of 5 days.
I turned on my laptop and browsed the net as usual. Then maybe after half hour it froze. After maybe 30 seconds, blue screen popped up saying:
"your pc ran into a problem, we are gathering information and we will restart it for you"
So after it reached 100% on the bluescreen nothing happened for 5 or so minutes. Then i forced shut down by holding the power button. When i turned it back on again, it only got to BIOS. And in the boot menu my ssd which had windows in it would not show up.
So i made a bootable USB with windows 10. Turned laptop back on, everything seems ok albeit slow compared to ssd. My ssd would not show up in device manager or disk management, so i presumed it's dead. I decided that for now i'll use this USB portable windows since i dont use my laptop that often these days. And today the same thing happened to my USB. Blue screen, plugged it into another pc, not showing anywhere, and error message saying windows can't recognize the disk.
So my question is: Is it just bad luck, or something wrong with my laptop. Can a virus do this?
MSI Dominator pro GT72VR 6RE
Intel core i7-6700HQ Quad core processor
128 GB SSD (internal (removable)
1000 GB HDD (internal) (removable)
Geforce GTX 1070 8GB Graphics card
Non removable battery (at least to my knowledge)
Windows 10
Warranty expired a month ago, so this laptop is a bit more than 2 years old

Thankyou in advance :)