Question Plain Bluetooth Receiver


Dec 18, 2013
Hello, few years ago, one could find for ~$1 on eBay, bt receivers with usb connector for power and 3.5mm jack for audio out. They had id such as pt-music or dmz-music.. once you paired with the device you could stream to the 3.5mm. then, if you turned off your phones bt, it would standby silently untill you reconnect with your phone or any other device. These appeared to be extremely reliable, i know two of them working flawlessly for 9 years, permanently powered by a usb charger. Since, things evolved to battery backed up receivers, some with voice status. These, once disconnected would not reconnect unless you pressed a button or cycle the power. Some others will play repeatedly a tone when disconnected. Briefly things are continuesly deteriorating. Now, could someone suggest where can i find these old good plain receivers?
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