Question Plantronic Bluetooth BB GO 810 plays sound intermittently


Jan 13, 2010
Friend asked me to setup Bluetooth Plantronic BackBeat GO 810 Series headphones on her HP G6 Laptop.
  • I inserted an Asus USB-BT400 dongle which it installed all its drivers
  • Powered on the Bluetooth Plantronic BackBeat GO 810 Series headphones
  • Waited for it to pair
  • Went on YouTube to play some music and it played but very intermittent, it played for a second or two and stopped playing for a second or two constantly, all the time stuttering.
  • How can I solve this intermittent play?
Contacted Plantronic/Poly support UK which said that the Plantronic BackBeat GO 810 is meant for mobile phones not for laptops! Is this correct?
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