Question Plantronics Backbeat Fit 3200 - request for advice


Oct 24, 2015
I've been using the backbeat Fit 3200 for quite a while now.
I'm generally satisfied with them, though there's one somewhat annoying issue I would appreciate some advice on:
when turning on the awareness-mode feature it seems not to be able to filter background noises well, especially air flow (wind, or while cycling for example).
It creates a constant cross-spectrum noise which is quite distracting. Though I did find that if I tilt my head as if to shelter the ear piece with my ear's pinna from the air flow it stops
(which is of course impossible to do constantly, especially when jogging or cycling). It might be worthwhile to note that I've noticed it since I purchased them (around a year ago)

I would appreciate some advice from other users (or techies for that matter):
is this just a characterization of the implemented environmental pass-through algorithm or a problem with my piece?

I tried asking poly support, and the representative said they are not aware of such an issue; albeit from various reviews I read ( review for example), they mention that this feature isn't the most efficient, likewise on amazon reviews, but I'm not sure if this pertains to what I'm experiencing.

So before I go and submit a warranty claim via poly support (which is possible according to the rep. though I wouldn't want to do that in vain on account that 'if it ain't broken don't try to fix it', as it might be an unwarranted claim, which also requires additional hussle),

I would appreciate some advice on the matter.

thanks in advance!
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