Aug 4, 2015
Hello stranger, thanks for clicking on my post..

Now lets get to the point of this shall we?
These headphones microphone did this a while ago already and the problem is it STOPPED working and making buzzing sounds. The first time this happened it wasn't the same.. It was saying that it was unplugged but I fixed it following this guide:

But lets get on with THIS problem, the buzzing sounds..
So I was playing games with my friends and the microphone just stopped working and started making really loud buzzing sounds.. I tried the method that I used before (the link above) But that didn't work. I've still got my warranty but I can't really go get it there because I got this through the internet and don't know where the shop is or whatever.. I don't know..
I've reinstalled Realtek, tried everything.. But I can't get it to work.. It's really annoying!!!!
So if someone out there, hopefully.. help me please.. because now I have to use this shitty webcam microphone and it's not good.. trust me :D

Thanks again!
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