Solved! Please any suggestions


Feb 8, 2014
Good Day.

I have a Lenovo Ideapad y700 17isk, about 7 months old, 2 months ago i got some problem with laptop, it wont start up upon power button pressed, and the screen left side white balance was not even with the rest of the sCreen like too much lighter/colder than the right side, maybe backlight problem.

I sent it for repair under warranty to lenovo Germany as no repair service in the Nederlands, After 20 days i received it back with 200 euro bill that the keyboard and casing was damaged, i know i packed it wel so i denied it and sent photos of laptop i took before packing, it was ok not to pay,

The laptop came back from 1st repair only keyboard and casing was replaced, the power and screen issue was not repaired,

Sent again to lenovo Germany waited 1 month as they said out of inventery, Today i got it back and the power issue is repaired but i saw the screen is not repaired and now the laptop has a problem STOPCODE: CRITICAL PROCESS DIED, refreshed windows but didnt helped,

I called them they said sent it back for 3rd time to be repaired, i am sick of going again and again to ups drop off point.

I told them i dont want it repaired again. I want my money back or a new laptop.

i paid 1300 for this laptop 7 months back, I AM ENTITLED TO GET MY MONEY BACK OR A NEW LAPTOP..?

Or i just have to sent it back for repair...?



Dec 8, 2016
Keep sending it back until they do right by you. Ask to speak to a manager and tell the manager that more problems are being created by the repair service and that they further damaged your laptop.


Feb 8, 2014
Hi. Thanks for your reply. I already spoken to them. They just dont care. I dont want this laptop anynore as it has become more buggy than before . There is nothing left original in it. They broke keyboard. Lower uper case. Lid and palmrest. They replaced it with new one generic which has no labels no stickers and it feels like a crap to mr now. Beside that the blue screen problem has to do with simething they broke while repairing the power issue. I just filed a complain that refund or a new laptop. Lets see what they say. If no from them then i will go to comsumer court because i am having too much headache because of lenovo incompitant tech and repair support.
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