Please help me find laptop (work/gaming, repairable, money no object)


Nov 5, 2007
I was looking for many reviews, but can't find what I'm looking for - seems like all reviews have totally different objectives from mine.

Here what I need:
1. Screen size 14-16, with biggest resolution available;
2. Power (CPU+videocard) - the more the better; prefer Intel CPU; also, laptop absolutely have to have dedicated videocard;
3. Upgradable: I always prefer to buy laptop with smallest HDD and memory installed, and just plug in new ones I buy later. Reason? Laptop manufacturers always upcharge three to five times the real cost of HDD and memory, so thank you - I can do that myself for much, much less.
4. It should have 2 HDD slots + DVD; I'd like to be able to install LOTS of memory - minimum 16GB, preferable 32GB or more.
5. It should have easy access to at least CPU fan replacement - newer laptops tend to be non-repairable. I understand that this is very profitable for manufacturers, but as a customer I don't like this trend.
6. I should be able to install Windows 7 on it. Sorry, no Mac going to be in my house ever; and Win 8 is a failure.
7. I don't care about battery life.
8. Money are not an object.
9. Reliable. Although it came as number 9, but this is the most important thing I'm looking for.

Thanks everybody for help!