please help me !! iam in trouble i am using i ball alude tab and i am having sd card of 8 gb and i have onky few fotos and son

Louise Porkolt

Nov 25, 2014
Hi there,

Can you try to run spelling check on your question ? what is the "I ball allude tab" ?

As it is written I can't understand what the question is.
What I think it might be that your SD-card is 8GB and you can only store a little part of it !
that means you bought (like millions of other people) SD-cards from Chinese websites.
They hack into small SD-cards(512MB, 1, 2 GB ... ) reflash them to make the card believe that they are 8, 16 or 32GB (even more) and you can store only the amount of GB's that it is built for !

My friend bought a 32GB SDcard on aliExpress (they have propably nothing to do with the scam, as they are just resellers) the card is actually reflashed to 32GB but there is only 8GB of space on it !

if this is an answer on your question than let us know, otherwise rephrase it !

Cheers, Louise.