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Jan 5, 2020
Soo... For the past few days I am looking for a 4k TV.
Let's preface with the room setup, usage and needs:
  • I am from EU
  • its ~2.5-2.3m from the couch to the tv wall. The wall itself is 1.35m maximum so I guess I will be aiming for a 50in, maybe 55in.
  • I would call the room average in terms of sunlight - there should not be any direct sunlight on the screen itself, but I also like to watch at nights with very low light)
  • I will be watching a lot of Netflix/HBO (often with subtitles due to kids just learning english) - ~50-60% of the usage, playing games (Switch/PS4) ~20-30% (want fairly low input lag), the rest will be mixed youtube, films, and regular TV stations.
  • perfect budget would be ~1k EUR. But to my research I will be probably spending more unless someone here makes my mind
  • and maybe funny thing but its kind of important to me: should be as stable as possible. I have this crazy cat (quite big - 8kgs) that tends to run around and I would prefer him not to throw it off by accident. I am not really sure how possible it is in reality but well. There it goes. I know that I could possibly wall-mount it and be safe, the thing is - we (me and fiancee) still hadn't decided the final layout of the room, we (more like she) like to move things around etc so until things stabilize I'd love to not make any holes in the walls :rolleyes:
  • I love the LG's WebOS (but this is not a hard requirement)
OK so based on these requirements I have limited myself to:
  • Samsung QE55Q70RAT - like this one mainly due to it being seemingly stable (as far as I could tell by trying to 'wobble' it at the store. Has HDMI 2.1 (not fully certified?) which is nice I guess for future proofing
  • LG OLED55B9PLA - this one is above budget, but has probably everything one could want - HDMI 2.1, quite stable, thin for future-maybe-wall-mounting, low input lag, and many call C9 one of the best if not the best in its price point. After speaking to a guy at shop and watching few vids about both I decided that B9 is enough for me if the only difference is the CPU and a little bit better black-grey transition (whatever it was called, sorry I am no TV expert and my head is kind of overloaded with information ATM). Anyway I didn't notice much difference watching them side by side at the store. I am a bit worried about burn ins - its hard to manage kids to never leave a tv on static content. I know little about OLED tech I assume it should have some 'anti-retention' algorithms but IDK if I should worry about it or not. Keep in mind subtitles being on the screen most of the time and possibly kids leaving the tv on some console menu screen
  • LG 55SM9010PLA - again seems to have everything I need, but is kind of wobbly
Runners up:
  • LG UM7300
  • Samsung RU7100
Anyway with limited knowlege I looked up only on the biggest companies. Didn't think much about others but the stores are full of LG, samsung, philips, panasonic and sony, there are some TCL, quite a lot sharp, but in my country we dont have many Vizio or Hisense.

Would love to hear what is worth in your opinion and short summary why one is better suited than other to what circumstances. I dont want to overpay and I know that I tend to look for premium whenever I try to shop for things I dont fully understand.

Edit: what are the possibilities that in the january/february we would get some price drops due to CES and 2020 models?
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