Please recommend the latest camera which works best for Ebay photos. Ebay is my full time job. Budget $100 - $400. Thanks!


Mar 2, 2015
Looking for a recommendation for the latest cameras that work best for Ebay photos. Ebay is my full time job. Budget $100 - $400. Thank you,


Nov 17, 2013
job? if it's your job, you should be able to justify more than $400 for photo equipment to take proper clean pics of items you want people to pay money for. and 80% of your effort should go to learning how to control light, using flashes and umbrellas. the camera is almost secondary to that (as long as it can properly control the flashes)

or at the very very least, build a softbox and put the item you're photographing inside of it, light from the outside, so that you get a nice diffuse light. take picture with almost any camera.

and no, you do NOT need a macro lens unless you're selling pinheads, ants, or need to clearly show existing damage or scratches on used items you're selling.


May 25, 2005
giantbucket is correct about the importance of lighting.

A good cross over camera is a very good pick, no need to purchase a separate long lens, many have more zoom than you will need for ebay. And, most take very good close up shots. A super macro is not needed and you will probably not need macro, however, look for one with it in case you need it.

However, for ebay, you do not need a modern camera. You need a camera that will take good photographs. And you can get away with cheap lighting, such as a 5000K Daylight White that produces the same light as the sun [get them at Lowes, Home Depot or Wal-Mart may have them], an umbrella can also help, however, I do not think you will need them for ebay. And, you will need a tripod, a cheap one from Wal-Mart will do.

Set the lighting on the camera to auto, take a picture, move it to your computer and look at it. If it looks good your job is done. If you do not have the proper temperature [color of light] bulb there should be settings that allow use of presets.

Some older Canon are good for ebay, such as PowerShot SX20 IS to SX40, even the SX10 IS still takes good pictures [it has tiny video, 480p and not suited for today's flat wide screens, however, pictures are very good].

If you purchase used camera make sure you ask if the battery is good or plan on purchasing a new one. SX10 IS uses AA batteries, get 2000mAh or higher, it will take 500 to 600 pictures if the batteries are fully charged. I use 2500mAh Duracell in mine.

Try looking for a store in your area that sells used cameras so you can get your hands on them and ask questions.

If purchasing a new camera, look for sales, such as holidays or Black Friday, and purchase a camera that includes a kit, sometimes you can purchase the camera and kit for less than just the camera if not on sale.

You should be able to find a Canon kit here:
Panasonic makes some good entry level cross over cameras as well.

I doubt you will be taking pictures like this: I took the picture with my Panasonic DC-FZ80, if interested.