Plugged a secondhand USB peripheral into my laptop, instant shutdown and now will not boot


Jun 17, 2015
Hey all,
Earlier today I purchased a secondhand external DVD reader as a gift for a relative with a macbook air. In order to test it, I plugged it into my Lenovo y410p. The laptop instantly crashed, and will no longer start. When I press power (with or without the battery plugged in) the power LED turns on but the display and backlit keyboard do not respond. In addition, there are no noises from the laptop- No disks spinning, components powering up, nothing.

Looking at some teardown videos, it seems that I have the skills to carry out any repairs necessary. Unfortunately I can't diagnose the problem myself and the laptop is, naturally, out of warranty. I suspect there was some kind of short with the mobo or processor, does anyone know how I can be sure?

Thanks in advance!

EDIT: Turned out the mobo was fried. Ah well.


The only way you can check things is by replacing the motherboard. There are too many components to check on it and the fault could be in many places. You can try to reset it by removing the battery and wall power and hold in the power button for about 30 seconds, then try turning it on again.
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