Plugging Paradigm Mini Monitor's into PW-2200 into computer?


May 24, 2012
Hello guys, I have a question I am unsure about.

I want to connect my Paradigm Mini Monitor bookshelf speakers into my Paradigm PW-2200, which uses an internal amplifier. Heres a picture I found on google:
I was wondering, could I connect the bookshelf speakers to the subwoofer - because the picture doesn't show the binding posts under the other inputs - and then plug it into my computer? If I were to do this, how would I g about it? thanks!


Jun 29, 2012
Just connect speakers to the subwoofer output connection (L and R) and connect your computer to the sub with a 3.5mm->2x RCA cable. Connect the RCA's to the L and R inputs on the sub.
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