Pocket PC Fujitsu-Siemens LOOX 720 is heating up to much!!


Apr 18, 2006
i have my LOOX 720 for 2 weeks.it is Second-Hand and after playing with it i realised that the back of the PDA is to warm..
Then i pulled out the battery,that was 2 warm from my experience!
then i've done a simple test:
with the battery out of the LOOX ,i managed to make it work only with the AC power plug..after 5 min of playing Spiderman.avi(400x340 Pix) with TCPMP
with full backlight ..the device was warming up like :twisted:
then..after cooling down ,waited about 30 min :( ...i played some mp3's with TCPMP with screen of.. and the device was warming up..but that much!!

btw..my battery last at maximum 1:20 hours fully charged wathcing spiderman.avi with light at minimum and the Procesor Mode to Auto!

another day i tried to play Worms..that was fine..working good..ti'll batt dropped..to 10%..and i went for the AC plug to contiunue my game...
after 1 min..i get a WARNING from Win that tells me my batt charging function will go off..beacause of the High Temperature!

pls ..is there something i can do?!