Portable gaming laptop, 17", 1080p+

G Ph4nt0m X

May 11, 2014
I need a gaming laptop that can run all next gen games on ultra, maxed out settings, has plenty of RAM (16GB atleast, 32 is better, 64 is even better, 128gb is kinda unrealistic ATM but its best), a good processor like the i7-4900MQ, a GTX 880M, possibly SLI, an SSD for games and a HDD for storage, (SSD should be 256 or 512, HDD 2TB+), resolution 1920x1080, more if possible, like 2560x1440 or 3840x2160. I am buying between this summer and christmas.
Thank you for your time.
laptop can only go up to 32 GB of RAM. Why'd you need this much? are you doing some monster CAD work?
I have no idea where'd you get a beyond full HD display from a custom spec place
I don't know any custom configs that have larger HDDs than 1TB, so you'll need a few of them.
you're best bet may be something like this but it doesn't get 880M SLI? http://www.xoticpc.com/msi-gt60-dominatorpro-3k475-p-6952.html?wconfigure=yes
this can't do more than 1080p but it can do 120htz - so 120 fps will actually be doable / usable, whilst it can do gtx 880M SLI but this is going to be very costly : http://www.xoticpc.com/sager-np9377-clevo-p377sma-p-6982.html?wconfigure=yes
prepare to shell out around $3000-$4000 for this sort of thing