Portable pc case




I'm looking to buy/build a small form factor audio workstation PC based around an SB Live PCI card and an X-fi titanium. It needs to be luggable and run a heavy load with low latency. I've been out of the loop for a bit so am not up to speed with latest developments. Suggestions?
you lost me at "heavy load with low latency"

i suppose you meant to suggest that you want the pc to be able to handle large file audio processing in a quick and timely manner. preferably in real time.

however beyond this...there is no information on what exactly you want.

-i'm guessing that you want one of those micro or mini form factor cases with a handle on top for easy moving. check newegg, xoxide or frozencpu to take a look.
-you will need a matx sized motherboard. keep in mind you sacrifice some slots and functions by going with this.
-i5 or i7 based on what you need for processing power.
-at least 4gb ram. 6-8gb recommended.
-if its just a work pc, you can skimp on the video card and just go with something basic. keep in mind though that you will not be playing any games or doing anything graphic intensive at any decent rate. however for a non cad/gfx/gaming workstation thats fine.
-possibly running on a ssd to eliminate hdd lag.

if you want more... post in the builds section.