Question Possible? Dual monitors with two different laptops connected to ThinkPad ThunderBolt port replicator

Dec 14, 2019
I have two laptops that I would like to connect to my ThinkPad ThunderBolt 3 port replicator (40AC0135US) and have them displayed on two separate monitors.

I have one monitor connected to the port replictor via the Display Port connection. The other monitor is connecetd to the port replicator via an HDMI cable.

Laptop #1 is connected to the port replicator via the ThunderBolt power cable on the back of the PR. The other laptop is also conneceted to the port replicator via a ThunderBolt cable, but this one in conneceted to the front of the PR.

The problem is that I can't have content from both laptops displayed on the monitors at the same time...i.e. Laptop #1 displayed on monitor #1 and laptop #2 displayed on monitor #2. I tried manually changing the input via the control buttons on each monitor, but this has no effect. The screen goes blank for a second and then returns to displaying content from the original source.

Seems that the Thunderbolt connects work fine, but only content from one source will be displayed on the monitors at a time. If I disconnect one TB connection, content from the other laptop then displays on both screens.

Is what I'm describing possible?
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