Possible virus on computer / Running slowly


Jun 24, 2014
Hello guys, I have built my own computer within the last year and it has been working great but recently I have been having some concerns. (NOTE- Before these recent problems I had gotten a virus and had re installed windows to deal with it. Also note that I use basic Avast)

1. I will get threat detected messages quite often from Avast on sites that I know to be safe or ones I haven't gotten on before. Is this viral activity? Do the warnings mean that a virus has just been dealt with, such as put in the virus chest? Or is this just normal?

2. After an update of League of Legends, I have been getting Avast threat detected messages every time I use the UI in the screen where you choose what kind of game to play. Is this just a false positive? I ran a scan and nothing terrible came up.

3. Lastly my computer has been running slower then usual. This is quite likely just because of natural cause as my computer gets old, but could this have anything to do with viruses?

Thanks for any help, I'm a little confused.


Avast is a very efficient anti-virus (even the free one) so you're good on that front. I did a search on Google and it seems that you're not the only who is experiencing issues with Lol and Avast as it quarantines some of Lol's files. Here is a link to the article:


I believe they recommend disabling it. I think you can also add Lol's main executable to the list of files that Avast can trust. See if that works:


As far as your computer running slower, it could be a few issues. Too many processes running, malware, overheating etc. To make sure its not malware, I would download Malwarebytes Antimalware and do a quick scan. If there is malware on your system, it will get rid of it: