Possibly Damaged Plasma


Jul 15, 2013
My buddy was moving and he dropped his Panasonic Plasma TV while transporting. It was about a 2 ft. drop and the floor was one of those fake hardwood laminates. The TV doesn't turn on now.

He decided he didn't want to invest the time to try and repair it, so he gave it to me. I figure I would give it a shot. Maybe it's a capacitor or one of the boards that needs replacing.

When he brought it over he laid it flat in the back of his car. When I went out to bring it in and I first saw it like that I was a little startled, but this was the only option and he is only about 2 miles away.

When I got the chance, I did a search online and read all these horror stories about how laying it flat is a terrible thing to do. I started getting more worried again.

What precautions can I take before trying to turn it on and how can I tell if there is damage to the internal screen or any other physical damage?
Since it was free, go ahead and do some research on repairing it. Just use the correct precautions before attempting any repair.

It could be an easy fixed. I dropped my 24" computer monitor at least 2 feet or more and after it got crushed by some heavy books in a moving truck.

You don't want to lay them flat but in the short term it should be ok.