Power adapter: broken?! (-> Solved)


Jul 12, 2014

I bought a new MSI GE60 2PE (the Apache Pro) last week.
In the past 7 days, I used it a lot: I have a lot of games on my Steamaccount and downloaded non-stop. So it's been busy ;)

Now, 2 days ago, I suddenly got a power drop in my room (it's a bit older room, but that shouldn't be a problem). I heard a low noise (the one you hear if you plug something in the electricity plug, just a bit louder) and the power in my room was gone. As it was late in the evening, I didn't really take a look at it anymore, cause I knew the power fuse was broken.

So the next day, I fixed the fuse and the power in the room worked again. I plugged my power adapter for my laptop in the wall but it didn't start charging.

I checked the batterystatus and stuff: the battery seems to work flawlessly as well as the laptop itself. I didn't dare to open the laptop (in case the powerpin would be broken, which I guess is not) so that only leaves the power adapter. I also took out the battery and tried with the adapter alone, but nothing.

Could it be something in the adapter broke? Or could it be the powerinput from the laptop? I have no idea what to think. (I could not yet try with another power adapter, and it will take at least a month to try another one, so hopefully I get some solutions here...).

Well, hoping for some help,

P.S.: I'm sorry for possible grammar mistakes :)
P.P.S.: If you'd need any specifications, please shoot!


Jul 12, 2014
A pity no one can provide any information.
No worries though, I'm on an active search for a solution!

I tried charging the laptop with another (Toshiba) charger (0.5 lower voltage, but that's acceptable, the ampère is only 3.6, but also acceptable for testing purposes). The blue light as sign the battery is recharging was on, so I suppose it works.

That only confirms my toughts on the broken charger provided by MSI. What a pity.

Thanks to myself for the provided 'solution'. Maybe I provide some others with an answer for the same problem?

P.S.: That second - last sentence was of course full of self-irony. Don't take it personally. :)
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