Dec 31, 2015
Power Light Blinks. Motherboard LED solid. Prior trouble-shooting done.

Hi there. I recently bought a couple new monitors for my ASUS G10 Desktop. There was a problem with my first monitor because of some voltage issues, but I troubleshot my pc hardware prior to finding out the root cause. I unplugged my RAM and plugged it back. I popped that little CMOS battery guy on the MOBO off and waited 10mins before popping it back on. I checked power supply and everything was kosher of course (because the inherrent problem lied with the monitor itself.)

Anyway, I aquired a new monitor and this one has no problem at all... but another issue has arisen: I have a no signal from my monitor and my power light (the one I use to turn the pc on) is flashing. I tried the battery trick again and reset my RAM. There appears to be power going to the motherboard and the fans. Everything seems and sounds normal (no beeping or weird CPU stuttering)... except the no-display and the flashing light.

Any help or suggestion is appreciated.