preamp "Pre Out" to power amp?


Jan 27, 2015
I recently acquired a tube power amp that I have connected to some older JBL monitors. I have been connecting my cd/tutntable to the power amp thus far by using a dj mixer. However, I would like to just have a home stereo looking pre-amp with Volume, bass treble knobs etc. However, looking on online autions most of all the home system stereo preamps I see don't have RCA outs, only speaker wire outs. I have seen a few that have an out that says Pre Out (sometimes right next to a Main In) Is this pre out where I would go out to my power amp?

If not, what kind of pre-amp do I need to be looking for to connect to a power amp via RCA or 1/4"? I don't want a Dj mixer.
Since you want to connect a turntable make sure that the preamp you get has a built in phono preamp. If not you will need an external one (if your turntable does not have one built in). Older preamps have them built in. More recent models tend to leave them out since they don't know if you need one at all and if you do they don't know how good a one you need.
The Parasound that kanewolf links to is quite good for the price and has been around for a while so you might be able to find a used one. It does have a phono preamp built in. Pretty reliable too.
You are right to want a real preamp as it should sound much better than the mixer.


Mar 17, 2006

Pre-Out means Pre Amp Out and sometimes you'll see Main IN and Main Out beside it. It is because it's design for equalizer add in. Sometimes you'll also see older amplifier with two RCA with its terminal bridge with the IN and Out where you remove the jumper and connect an equalizer or Tape deck for recording.

Also, there are receivers that cost over $1000 comes with pre-out as it designed for expansion or multi-room setup; you can bypass the power amplifier and just use the pre-out.