Preparing automatic repair into BSOD loop! Tried everything!

Feb 12, 2018
This actually about my PC not a laptop. Hopefully someone can help thanks!

Here's a list of things I've tried:
1) Hard restarting by unplugging my power supply and holding my power button. And also pressing the power button multiple times to get the troubleshooting to pop up.
2) I actually got it to the troubleshooting where I decided to do a hard reset (I don't have much on the PC I really needed), but around the 40% mark my PC blue screened again and I was put back into the loop.
3) Tried unplugging my HDD and just using my SSD.
4) Tried USB Windows 10 boot. Went into BIOS and went into boot up options and made my USB the first option and disabled all others. Did a restart but every time I tried it just goes straight back into the BIOS. Nothing windows related.

So i'm thinking its either I need to try a different USB or I might need a new SSD. I have been told that having issues with an SSD is very small. If you guys got anything other ideas let me know. I just built this PC around 4 months ago so this is really annoying.


Try one RAM stick at a time, try resetting BIOS to defaults with the jumper. Did you try using the manual boot selection when the system starts up, not just changing boot options in the BIOS? Test the USB boot stick to make sure it's good?
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