Pretty(very) high temperatures


Oct 30, 2014
I got a Lenovo y500 with a i7-3630QM and 2x GeForce 750m. I get that it's summer, but I really don't think my CPU should be reaching 101C or GPU 97C while playing. I recently dusted it off. Hasn't bought a cooling pad yet, but looking into it. Other than this, should I reapply thermal pastes? It hasn't been done in like 8-9 months.

Up until this point I haven't really noticed any throttling even though it always felt like it ran this hot externally, but lately it seems that I get throttled down after a while in games like Dark Souls 3 and even Overwatch or League which isn't really surprising now that I'm aware of these high temps.

Any tips are appreciated! here are the temps

Edit: Oh, and I did the intel CPU stress test or what's it called, and the CPU temperatures stayed within reasonable levels, as in 60-70C with the fans staying at an idle speed as usual if not gaming. Could the overheating source be the 2 GPUs on each side?


Dec 17, 2012

The y500 has a problem with cooling when it has 2x 750m's. The only real option is to get a cooling pad. Friend has it and hates the fact that it can't keep the 750's at full speed when it gets a bit hot here.