News Prilex malware can steal your credit card at checkout — here’s how

Feb 1, 2023
Couple of questions for clarification: the goal of the malware is to block your contactless transaction in order to force you to insert your card into the chip reader so they can capture your card info correct? if yes then why do you state "In a blog post, the identity theft protection provider Aura recommends using a chip reader when possible as they’re more secure than tap to pay. " If you insert your card into the chip reader you are doing exactly what the malware was trying to get you to do in the first place. The other question: why is apple pay and google pay not affected by this malware since both of them are also using NFC to conduct the payment? Is it because even though they all use NFC, the malware can't intercept google pay the way it's able to intercept credit card contactless transactions?