Print a Book!


Feb 23, 2002
I'm trying to do a fairly simple thing, but its turning out to be much more complicated then i originaly thought.

i want to print out a book. it is now stored on a Word Document, 96 pages long. but what i want to do is this:
i want to print out the book, 2 pages on each A4, 2 sided,
and in the end i want to close it up in the middle, and fold it together.
meaning that word has to print each page acordingly
| 1 | 96 |
| | |
and then on its back should be
| 02 | 95 |
| | |

the numbers are page numbers of course.

can somebody help me?
How do i do this in word??
i hope i explained myself correctly.

~ forgive my stupid questions ~


Feb 17, 2001
Take it to Kinkos unless you have a printer that will do double sided. You'll have to go into File - Print or File - Page Setup.

I know you can do 2 pages per sheet, 1, 2 on the front, 3, 4 on the back..
If that's what you wanted to do..

I see what you're trying to do though.

You might want to print 1 page per sheet, shrink it to the size you want.. like everything in a column on the left, print the first 48 pages.. put the second 48 pages in the 2nd column, print again.. using a printer that can print double sided.


Dec 31, 2002
Kinko's is not a bad suggestion. If you have Adobe Acrobat, page layout management is a whole lot easier. PDF the doc and arrange your pages in the layout you want. Throw in a duplex capable printer and you are set. If you have a plain jane single side printer, you are going to have to manually re-feed the sheets.

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