Privacy-Obsessed Organization May Not Save the Internet

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Geral Sosbee

Sep 10, 2013
fbi needs no warrant for covert intel operations.*amtDXnZeU10D5X-0zuP*2TEmM3sV2P77cvFyUPJVW-I4DaZ5bVQkPvL3eyWEDhSRRrf*YutAFRR/20120509mafia.jpg

Black Budget, Black Operations, torture, assassinations, etc., obscured by president and media:USA intel use bio-chem weaponry, DEW, etc., on selective Targets foreign & domestic:

For twenty five years I have been surveilled 24/7 and for ten years I have been tortured by DEW by the fbi assassins in their efforts to imprison or kill me.

Very few credible persons have proof of the atrocities committed by the fbi/cia/dod/doj and the same few are often denied a forum to record same; all mainstream media block my posts and many Indymedia prevent my publications. The general population also shows little interest in holding murderous tyrants of the US government responsible for their crimes because they (the people) benefit in the main from the atrocities committed by their leaders in the name of the people. Nevertheless, my work must continue because *mankind as a whole and in its awakened senses, finds totally unacceptable torture, imprisonment (often by secret courts and in one's own body), assassinations, mass murders, etc. as I and others describe.


My affidavit:


Additional bedtime reading:

federal burro of investigation:

fbi operative tells me: "kill yourself":

We must hold fbi responsible:


fbi operative 'paint me doubtful' proclaims to the world that I am a possible "mass murderer":

We must prosecute fbi:

fbi historically:

The Age of Madness:

A de facto overthrown government , USA:
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