Problem connecting my LG 47LA6200 audio to run through older Analog NAD stereo


Jan 31, 2015
Hoping you can help! I have the LG 47LA6200 TV and I just started putting together a middle-fi analog sound system, which I had abandoned years go, but now am wanting back (including vinyl!) I'm a computer graphics professional, and have been creating digital video and audio for almost 20 years now. So this really ticks me off!

When streaming Netflix through my TV, I want to be able to hear the audio on my stereo. I obviously can't use my cable DVR audio for this, because the WiFi is streamed through the TV. I purchased a mid-range DAC that has two optical TOSLink inputs, an optical coax input and 2 sets of analog L/R outputs – one for the receiver. So, connecting the TOSLink optical output on the back of the LG, to the input on the DAC, and then the analog audio outs to one of the inputs on the back of my older NAD AV716 receiver should work, correct? Wrong. I've read that I have to use the interface on the LG to set the audio outs to the optical, but that doesn't work, either. This is a new DAC, so I doubt that is the problem – I'm thinking the problem is the TV. Any advice, anyone? The NAD doesn't have an HDMI, so this seems to be my only route.

I also have an Apple TV that has an optical TOSLink out, too, but I haven't tried that option yet. Too much switching between devices, and since the TV has WiFi, I just connect to Netflix and Amazon Prime via the TV.

Any advice you have would be greatly appreciated!


Mar 17, 2006
check the back of the tv if you see red light where you connect the toslink cable, if its red, connect the toslink cable then at the end of the cable should be red light as well. now connect that cable to the DAC and check if the DAC is receiving the signal from the proper channel, if not, check the DAC manual and find out which is primary in between the optical ins.

whats your DAC brand and model?