Question Problem on Asus Expertbook

Mar 31, 2023
I was in the process of updating windows. There were several ones, and there was an 'optional updates' menu which I clicked. There was an ASUS firmware update, didn't catch the version, which I clicked.

On restarting the PC a BIOS menu appeared which said 'warning updating' or something like that. That completed successfully and right after the following happened:

- A screen appeared that said 'Running device Selftest' with a progress bar at 0% (no number)

- A few seconds later a new message appeared at the top left 'Error: erase timeout 1'.

- I left it there for a few hours and nothing happened, as I searched for the issue.

- A few hours later, the computer turned off its screen but it remained hot (SSD), so I assume something was happening.

- I thought that trying to reset could be a good idea, probably not, so I hard press the on/off button 20 seconds and then pressed it again.

- The ASUS start menu appeared for 1 second, and then the same process (first running device message, and then 'error').

- Later, I just turned it off (hard pressing button several seconds) and left it there.

I searched for the issue, but didn't find something that could really be done right away. When the ASUS screen came up, I did it several times pressing F buttons to try and access the BIOS, without result.

Any help will be appreciated, thank you.