Problem with connecting B.Tooth Merlin Headphones to Yamaha conventional receiver RX-V663

Jun 12, 2018
Hello, how can i hook my Merlin virtuoso wireless headphones to my Yamaha receiver RX-V663 without using the original (obsolete) dock connection located at the back of the receiver? (i don't have the Dock connection anyway)
So I plugged the Merlin B.Tooth connector (bought along with the headphones) to the "MIC" AUX on the front panel of the receiver (as they explained but it didn't work...)
Did i miss something? any other specific AUX connection on my receiver that could do the job of creating a b.Tooth wireless connection to my headphones?

Thanks in advance if anyone has a clue :)
The only connection on the front panel that might work is the headphone jack.
On the rear panel you have the possibility to connect the transmitter to the VCR record out jacks or the front preamp outputs.
The VCR record out may not work with digital sources connected to the receiver.
The front preamp out would require you to set the receiver to stereo.
Both the headphone jack and front preamp outputs are controlled by the receiver volume control so you have to be careful not to overload the input of the BT transmitter. It will sound distorted if you do.
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