Problem with Flash-based games


Jun 28, 2006
Hey there,

I'm starting to pull my hair out here and am hoping that someonne can maybe help me...

I have been unable to play facebook flash games for nearly a month now, started around April 27th the game page opens but the games just get stuck on the loading screens...

It's happening on Farmville (loads fully but unplayable), Cafe World (sits on loading screen forever), Empires and Allies (loads fully but unplayable), Gourmet Ranch (sits on loading screen forever)

Only FB game that seems to work is Backyard Monsters which loads and plays fine.

I have contacted Zynga and they claim nothing wrong, I have spoken to mweb and they cannot re-produce the error.

I have tried on two different pc's, same issue.
I have tried two different connections (ADSL and 3G), same issue
I have reformatted and reinstalled windows a total of 4 times now, same issue
I have tried flash 10.0, 10.2 and 10.3, same issue
I have turned off both the windows and router firewalls, same issue
I have wiped and reset my router's settings, same issue
I have tried IE 8, IE 9, Chrome & FireFox, same issue

From what I can see on my bandwidth monitor, the game starts loading and then the connection that its pulling data on just dies before the game is loaded, in the cases where the game does load, it loads but then you cannot play because the game loses connection to the server and you're forced to reload, which just takes you back to the same place...