Question Problem with inaccurate charging indicators of Xiaomi Powerbank. How do I fix this?

Nov 21, 2023
So I bought a new Xiaomi 20000mah power bank which has 4 leds to indicate charge. When charging my phone the indicators seem to be inaccurate. After charging my phone two times( each time from 18% to 100%) it still showed 4 blinking LEDs which means it has 75-100% charge left. But it should have been at the third light. So after charging I pressed the battery check button and it correctly showed 3 lights. After charging my phone again(from 18% to 100%) it was showing 3 LEDs though it should have shown 2. I pressed the battery check button and it still showed 3 lights. Did another charge and it was stuck on 3 but pressing the battery check button got it down to 1 LED. Is this a calibration issue? How do I recalibrate my powerbank? My phone is a Galaxy A52s 5g(4500mah typical capacity) and my powerbank has a rated capacity of 12000mah. It charged my phone 3.45 times or 345% exactly before turning off.