Question Problem with laptop hinges (Lenovo Y520)


Apr 28, 2018
Hello, I own a Lenovo Y520 and I've had it for 2 years now. I travel a lot and I bring it with me everytime. A few months ago (roughly late 2019) it started making a cracking sound when it's opened. I didn't pay it much mind (dumb mistake on my part) because this happened in the middle of university, so sending it out for repairs and getting it back after a month would be problematic. I tried to be more careful by opening and closing it methodically and only closing it when absolutely necessary or when I need to bring it with me. Sometimes it made sounds, sometimes it didn't.

Last month it made a really big crack sound that was more alarming than usual. When it's closed the right side would be elevated a bit.
Here's an imgur link with both sides for comparison: https/

After some research I've found that it was a tight hinge problem which is pretty common with this model. It's a miracle that it lasted this long when I compare it with what other people experienced, but also not because the warranty is long expired. Since I'm stuck at home my laptop has been open all the time. It's not a problem but eventually the pandemic's gonna go away soon and I'm gonna have to start moving around with my laptop again and it needs to be closed most of the time.

I've read that I have to disassemble it and loosen the hinges but I'm worried that I might break the laptop beyond repair. I wanna send it out to a repair shop but with COVID-19 and online classes that's not possible. I don't mind disassembling it but I want to ask for help first since I'm absolutely new to this and I have 0 knowledge of it. What should I do?
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