problema with sound


Dec 6, 2014
Hello there. i have splitter, and i want to connect it to my tv, couse i want to watch movies with my friend with two pairs of headphones. But i have an issue. When i'm connecting splitter to my tv, and connect two pair of headphones (or even one pair when it pluged to splitter) i recieving the audio, but not all of it. I can hear sound around, but i can't hear dialogs and action sound of main characters.. Only sound arouns it, like screams, rain, and whatever.. But when i connecting only one pair of headphones without splitter juat with 3,5mm jack to jack cable, it works well. So maybe someone knows what i have to do and have any advices?
Sounds like there is a short. If the left and right wires touch each other it will cause a phasing issue like what you're having. A new splitter should do the trick.