Question Problems connecting a second TV to PC

Sep 23, 2019
Hello there!

I'm new to this forum and I don't know if I'm posting this at the right place, but anyway, here goes my question.

So, I have an LG TV MT49S connected via HDMI to my computer, and no problems here. Works perfectly. I have another one (same exact model, which is kind of nightmare-ish to control as the same remote works on both), which I can't happen to be able to connect at the same time. Even if I switch the HDMI, the second one connects and the first one disconnects. I've tried using DVI and VGA as well, using an adapter to HDMI, but still no signal. My desktop is an EVEN similar to the AMD R5 (not quite it, I didn't buy it and can't tell which model it is, I know the box is Aerocool Cyclon).

Any clue on what I may be doing wrong?

Thanks a lot in advance!