Problems connecting PC/PC monitor to a stereo receiver.


Sep 23, 2013
I've got an extra surround sound setup that I decided to make use of tonight. I wanted to make a secondary setup for using one of my PC's, a gaming console and my receiver/surround sound setup.

My main goal was to set this up so I could have a smaller simpler setup for playing games and utilizing my pc while maintaining good audio feedback.

I got the PS3 hooked up to the receiver with video playback working just fine on the PC monitor. Then from there I ran the PC into another of the inputs on the receiver and that was where I ran into trouble.

Everything starts up just fine. PS3 runs just fine, sounds good/looks good. But when I switch inputs over to the PC to use that, I get a white static visual on the monitor that cuts to black then I see my desktop for a second or two, then it repeats the process. Audio works just fine, I can hear sounds in Windows. But I can't for the life of me get the video issue figured out.

Running a Pioneer Elite VSX-21TXH receiver, the PS3, home built PC with an nvidia 550 ti w/ Mini-HDMI output, and a cheapo little 23 inch Acer monitor.

I forget the exact model on the monitor now, but it's 1080p LCD.

In short, I've run HDMI from receiver to monitor. One HDMI from PS3 to receiver input and another from video card to the second receiver input. Kinda of stumped on why this would do this. I'm assuming its something to do with a lack of compliance between the cheap monitor and signal coming from the receiver. I've run the PC with this receiver in the past to my normal tv with no problems.
swap the imputs. does the ps3 now turn to static with audio only? if it does this indicates a bad port perhaps. try the pc too.

next try swapping cables. does the ps3 now turn to static with audio only? if it does this indicates a bad cable perhaps. try the pc too.

plug the pc directly into the lcd via hdmi. does everything function correctly?

if the monitor works fine for the ps3 via receiver it should work fine with the pc as well. it sounds like a bad cable, port, or some kind of issue with the receiver to me.

as a test you could also hook up to a that known working tv via the same cable and port you are having trouble with now. if it works then chances are its something to do with the monitor. if it doesnt well then its probably something else.


do ALL of those tests and report back the findings and perhaps we can figure out what the issue is.