Question Problems connecting soundbar to TV

Dec 30, 2019
Good afternoon,

I bought my parents a Panasonic SC-HTB200 soundbar for Christmas, which supports HDMI ARC and digital optical input.

Unfortunately, my parents' TV does not have either an HDMI ARC port or a digital optical output port. It does, however, have a headphone jack and two analogue output sockets.

Could anyone suggest a converter which means the soundbar will connect to the TV?


Well you are a bad child, buying stuff without checking if it will work. Now your poor parents have the promise of using a sound bar but it's just out of reach. After they gave you life and everything. I don't think that the TV has two other analog out connections unless it a high end business display. You would need a 3.5 mm to dual RCA cable then an analog to digital audio converter like this

I can't really recommend a specific model since I never had to use one of those cheap ones, the stuff I have experience with costs almost as much as a new TV.
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