Problems with connecting speakers to my TV. (High-pitched ringing)


May 22, 2017
So lately I have been trying to connect a pair of speakers into my TV so I can get that full sound feeling. My speakers are CA 2.1 computer speakers and are powere and my TV is a 32 in. Vizio with only optical audio output and red/white audio output (can't recall name at the moment).
So, to connect the speakers, I have been using a 3.5mm to red/white converter. I get sound from the TV to the speakers, but with another sound. There's this continuous, high-pitched ringing from the speakers and is always at the same volume no matter how I change the volume on the tv. And the sound only comes when the speakers plug into the TV, nowhere else.
Does somebody have a solution to stop this ringing sound, or should I purchase non-computer speakers to plug into my TV?
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