Problems with Istartsurf


Oct 1, 2016

I recently scanned by pc with Avast Browser Cleanup, whicg tells me that I have Istartsurf on my pc and therefore cannot run until this is installed. I ask Avast Browser Cleanup to do this for me, but every time I scan with Avast, I get the same message,

I've run both AdwCleaner and Malwarebyte without finding anyhting.

How can I found out if Im actually infected?

There are quite a few websites explaning how to remove Istartsurf.

Recommend that you focus on known AV vendors and sources.

Here is one:

Check the Technical Details tab. See if your computer has the applicable registry entries.

Doing so requires using regedit to open, search, and edit the registry. That can be very risky if you make a mistake and inadvertantly change or delete an entry. Back up the registry first before you do anything.

Do some searches using "istartsurf" (without quotes). See if any of the listed entries are found.

That should confirm an infection. If infected, proceed to the removal tab on the website.

However, I would recommend doing some additional research to confirm both the infection and removal process.

Again be very careful. Avoid downloading software from unknown, third-party websites that claim they can remove the infection.